How are Reappraisal Values Established?

How are Reappraisal Values Established?

Your reappraisal value is based on these key factors:

  • Your property’s use (such as home, business, vacant land, etc.)
  • Your property’s characteristics
    • Location
    • Square Footage (total living area)
    • Age (year of construction)
    • Quality of Construction
    • Amenities (such as bathroom count, garage, carport, vaulted ceilings, etc.)
  • Current market conditions

To determine the fair market value of your property, our office:

  • Attempts to visually inspect all properties to ensure our records reflect actual characteristics
  • Review and verify market sales, cost and income data according to accepted appraisal practices
  • Complete market analyses – we compare properties of similar size, age, location and description
  • Establish reappraisal value that reflect current market conditions as of January 1, 2008
  • Mail reappraisal notices to every property owner in West Feliciana Parish

It is important to remember that buyers and sellers in the market place establish fair market value -- not the Assessor. The Assessor compares these verified sales to properties of similar size, age, location, and description to complete the evaluation process. This ensures that property values reflect current market conditions as of January 1 of the reappraisal year.

How Does the General Maintenance of Property Affect Reappraisal Value?
The reappraisal value is not affected by the general maintenance of property. Repairs such as a new roof, fresh interior/exterior paint, or landscaping neither add to nor detract from the value in the Assessor's records. While these types of repairs can be costly, they are considered to be normal maintenance expenses that all properties incur over time.

How Does Structural Damage Affect Reappraisal Value?
When structural damage causes property to be structurally unsound, the reappraisal value may be affected. A field inspection of the property is required to determine the extent of the impact.

Public Notice

Notice is hereby given that I have completed the listings of all property in the Parish of West Feliciana and have established the valuations thereon and that the said listings will be exposed in my office, 4785 Prosperity Street, Courthouse Annex of West Feliciana Parish, Saint Francisville, Louisiana between the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. for public inspection and correction for a period of fifteen (15) calendar days beginning the 15th day of August, 2017. Any Taxpayer or other interested party desiring to examine an assessment may call or visit my office during this 15-day period.

Randy Ritchie, CLA

Assessor, Parish of West Feliciana