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Online Informal Review Form


Important Note:

The deadline to request a 2007 Informal Review of your property values has passed. The Assessor's Office is currently reviewing property values for the 2008 Tax Year.

This online Informal Review form is a request for the Assessor's Office to review your 2008 appraisal and assessment records. It is NOT an appeal to the WF Parish Board of Equalization. You will be contacted by the Assessor's Office regarding the results of your 2008 Informal Review.


To request a 2008 online Informal Review:

Please complete the form below, hitting "tab" to go to the next field.

  • Describe your questions/concerns as clearly and concisely as possible in the "Owner's Request" field.
  • You may optionally attach as many as 2 files to this Review.
  • Click the "Submit" button when finished.
  • Print out the acknowledgement or write down your confirmation number. This will serve as verification of your contact with the Assessor's Office.

For more information regarding the Informal Review Process, click here

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(Please state the reason for requesting your Informal Review; please provide evidence that would support your opinion.)
(Will you be mailing or faxing additional documentation ? )
If so, please write your Parcel ID number on each piece of supporting documentation and provide it within two weeks of submitting your Informal Review.
You may also attach files to your Informal Review. You can zip larger files. File size for attachments is limited to 1 megabyte each. Remember, if you are on a slow Internet connection, this process could take some time as you are uploading the files to our server.
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Public Notice

Notice is hereby given that I have completed the listings of all property in the Parish of West Feliciana and have established the valuations thereon and that the said listings will be exposed in my office, 4785 Prosperity Street, Courthouse Annex of West Feliciana Parish, Saint Francisville, Louisiana between the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. for public inspection and correction for a period of fifteen (15) calendar days beginning the 15th day of August, 2017. Any Taxpayer or other interested party desiring to examine an assessment may call or visit my office during this 15-day period.

Randy Ritchie, CLA

Assessor, Parish of West Feliciana