When property is classified as:


Improvements For Residential Purposes

Commercial excluding land

Public Service

Personal Property

Then the assessment percentage is:






An assessment is a percentage of the market Value. The percentage is determined by property classification

Here's how it works...

In Louisiana, residential property is assessed at 10% of the market value. So if a house is appraised at $100,000, the assessment will be $10,000. However, if a business property is appraised at $100,000, the assessment will be different, because the improvement will be assessed at 15% and the land at 10%.

The assessment value is then used to calculate property taxes.

Parish Property Taxes
The parish Tax Collector sends tax bills and collects taxes for West Feliciana Parish Government. The bills are mailed out the last week of November.

Town of St. Francisville Property Taxes
The City of St. Francisville mails out property tax bills the last week of November.